Produktet er blevet tilføjet til din indkøbskurv
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Avlastande ryggstöd i lindrar dina axel- och ryggbesvär! Avlastande ryggstöd i lindrar dina axel- och ryggbesvär!

Avlastande ryggstöd i lindrar dina axel- och ryggbesvär!

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Produkt Beskrivelse:

Back Pain - Do you have back problems?

Back pain is often a result of poor posture. If the back pillar is not in a straight line, the nerves get pinched, and the muscles don’t get their right position and function. This can lead to fatigue and back pain. With this back support you can get back the line of the spine, muscles that should be active are activated and strengthened with every use.

If your posture is much out of balance, it will possibly feel strange and maybe a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but will eventually be turned into a positive feeling. When you use the support for a while every day you will see and feel how your posture improves within a week, as resting muscles rather quickly come to life and get new strength. We need good, vital muscles for a healthy posture.

The back support automatically provides you with a correct posture of the spine in the correct position and retracted shoulders, which can help prevent back problems. The back support is made of a comfortable stretch material that is comfortable to wear and invisible under clothing. Velcro closure for a precise fit. Perfect to use both at work and free-time, such as during exercise. Hand washing is recommended. Can relieve and support the shoulders and back. Suitable for both men and women and is available in one size! Comes in beige colour.




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